Formation of a group body (corps)

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SHORT DEFINITION These pathos scenes stage the relationship of the individual to the military body in all its variations. As such, they are characterized on the one hand by an emphasis on the physical, on the other hand by showing the process of merging individual corporeality into a group body that is also portrayed as concretely physical.
CONSTELLATIONS In their figurations, these pathos scenes always vacillate between two poles.

On one end is the emphasis on individual corporeality; cinematically staged by images of physical proximity, heightened by images of a physical, pressing, confinement that reaches its apex in the portrayal of individual corporeality that explicitly does not or can not (yet) merge with the group body of the troop.

On the other end is the absorption of individual corporeality into a group body. This absorption always has a temporal dimension—it begins with an emphasis on the individual, the cinematic staging of the transitional phase always involves the formation of more or less insufficient individual bodies into a powerful group body. This second pole often brings to the fore the motif of military drill as the driving force behind this act of merging. Compositionally, the successful absorption often culminates in an image of the geometric figuration of the group body.

AFFECTIVE DIMENSION The affective potential of these pathos scenes is founded on the one hand on the experiences of loss of the self and on the other hand on the experience of the dissolution of the boundaries of individual potential in the larger group body.

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