eMAEX – a standardized method of analyzing qualities of filmic expression


Within the project “The mobilization of emotions in war films” in the Cluster of Excellence “Languages of Emotion” we developed, using the example of a film genre—Hollywood war films—a systematic method by which viewer emotions are studied as cinematic multimodal expressive movement images; the electronically based media analysis of expressive-movement-images (eMAEX).


The eMAEX system is built on a series of stages: first the films are divided into semantic categories that differentiate between genre-specific pathos complexes. Then these “pathos scenes” undergo a qualitative analysis as a composition of audiovisual figurations of movement.


The development of a computerized methodology was one of the main objectives of the project “The mobilization of emotions in war films.” It provided the systematic and computerized foundation for further film and media studies research projects. The transferability of the eMAEX principles to other objects of study and other questions has already proven successful in further projects within the Cluster of Excellence.

The method of electronically based media analysis of expressive movement images (eMAEX) is introduced on the following page.

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