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The eMAEX-System – A: SET-UP

This diagram sketches out the standardized proceeding according to eMAEX.

The horizontal levels show the main steps in developing and applying this method.

  1. The set-up of methodological proceedings defines the systematic application of our heuristic assumptions.
  2. The process of analysis itself, where we identify, evaluate and analyze pathos scenes according to the procedures defined during the set-up-phase
  3. And finally the output management, in which all the different media files and documents created during the process of analysis are brought together

The vertical levels of the diagram represent the stages in our work process according to the three-stage model mentioned before.

On the set-up-level we proceed in the following way:

Stage 1:
First we generate a first set of categories of pathos scenes.
This first set is then evaluated in a number of test case analyses. Based on the results of these test-runs the initial set of pathos scenes is further developed into a typology of basic pathos scenes categories. In  case of the war film genre, a set of eight different types of pathos scenes could be identified.

After these eight types proved highly operable in another run of test case analyses a manual can be conceived. This manual describes the eight types of pathos scene explaining their detailed features and their relation to distinct fields of affect.

Stage two: After the types have been set, we regularly review their empirical validity. Therefore we devised strict guidelines for the evaluation of the process of identifying pathos scenes.

Stage three: In order to investigate the compositional microstructure of a scene, the model of expressive movement units has been developed in several workshops. The results of parallel test runs were evaluated and summed up in a distinct model of film analysis that was laid out by a second manual.

The mentioned manuals and guidelines represent the constitutive basis of all further analytical operations. 

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