Waco in the desert / Sacrifice in the ruins*

Classification in categories

  • Battle and nature
  • Suffering / victim / sacrifice


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Movie: Sahara*
Number: 24
Individual analysis: Sahara*
Timecode start: 01:24:07:07
Timecode end: 01:26:50:21
Year of origin: 1943

In the interplay of the shot composition with the sound design, the motif of resignation is taken through the stages abandonment, hope and finally mourning. In the film’s dramaturgical structure the scene is between a moment of sacrifice  (> "Negotiations 2 - Leroux's fall") and a rescue  (> "Rescue in the desert").

The scene itself varies the motif of resignation. At first the metered editing of a series of long shots, motifs of the concept of abandonment, stage a moment of loneliness. (> EMU 1). This image is then transformed by a localization of the figures in the shot composition and the acoustic interplay of music and the sounds of gun shots into an ambivalent image between resignation, danger and hope  (> EMU 2).

Finally, out of this ambivalence a moment of tension carried by visual and acoustic acceleration first seems to be resolved in a melodramatic moment and then, in a final peripeteia, ends in a motif of mourning staged as a still life. (> EMU 3).    JHB

Expressive movement units

01 02 03 

Materials about the scene

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